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On Whose Didn’t Sayso

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2014-11-25 09.49.34A colleague tells of a tax court case that cited a professional conference she attended, then pointed to indications that she had not objected to a position that had been presented by other attendees at the meeting. Apparently by her silence having the power of authority.

That, during a discussion of whether training materials constitute legitimate basis for taking a position in the absence of any other authoritative reference. It not being completely insignificant to the discussion that the position being promoted is not right, or reasonable, or good or whatever we choose to use as our guide for judgment. Without going into detail that should be left to future public pronouncements, let’s just say that if the position being promoted by some promoters were to prevail, it would be a very short matter of time before even Congress would step in to make things right, even given how bad Congress’ record is on taking concrete action on things that really matter.

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25 November 2014 at 11:11 pm

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