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Bisque Bliss

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bisque blissThey changed their menu since the last time we dined at PapaGayo’s, and at first I was grumping about them dropping their crawfish bisque, the main reason I like when we eat here. But here it is! – although their online menu still lists the bisque with their soups, their dining menu lists it among their seafood entrees.

I’d worked so late on my speadsheet before we made it out for dinner, that Papagayo’s had all their doors locked for closing before we were done, so we had to exit via a fire door. I wouldn’t have thought that compliant with safety code rules. Eh, as long as they don’t have a fire like the one that took out some of the businesses across the street, I probably don’t care enough, just don’t drop my bisque from the menu.

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11 March 2008 at 9:00 pm

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New Wind

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  The simplest words were all I ever had,
and none of those enough to stir light sleep
nor worth the breath to memorize or keep,
just shadows of a breeze obscenely clad.

Yet isn’t any wind recycled waste
left over from what failed to leave debris?
It rambles on like dim cacophony,
like holes at random carelessly replaced.

A second wind blows in up from the south
in urgent prelude to the coming storm,
its warnings rushing hard against my walls.

Like cyclones from my heart that reach my mouth,
my thoughts evaporate before they form
the whispered echo ancient dream recalls.

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2 March 2008 at 9:35 pm

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Soup at Napoli

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soup at napoli

Susan and I were evicted from the house tonight so Nat could treat Brandon to a special V-Day dinner. But the real transgression of the evening was my failure to collect sufficient info on where we wound up. Excuse: Napoli is brand new, recently built as one of the new places they’ve been putting up along the inside access road of the Beltway just south of Fairmont.

This is a delicious soup with a tomato basil base, filled with sausage, tomatoes, onions, and some veggies. I passed on the cheese stick appetizers, shared by Susan with Kelly, who joined us there. I then had the small portion of shrimp fettucini alfredo. Which is what guarantees that I will correct any information deficiencies in this post: their alfredo sauce could easily become one of my favorites anywhere.

We’d taken a bit of a risk trying this new place out on V-Day without a reservation, but Napoli has a very delightful upstairs room for those waiting for a table, where Susan and I shared a carafe of white zin while realizing neither of us remembers how to play at dominoes.

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14 February 2008 at 7:53 pm

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