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Let’s add a new tag to aftermath‘s ragtag collection: PotCPMCA. And make PotCPMCA one of this journal’s categories as well.

Sixty days ago I was elected to be President for the Board of the homeowners association of the community in which I reside.

Mainly, it means that most of those other aftermath tags will see little if any action during the next 22 months. They said it would settle down after the first month? So far it has only gotten more hectic and convoluted and time-consuming.

I don’t really want to have this journal be hijacked by one single focus. If there has been any one thing characteristic of who I am and what I do through my entire life since my earliest memories, it has been that I have had widely scattered interests and skills and initiatives and hobbies and all. Even for the 40 years I worked as a pension actuary, I kept a full plate of non-actuarial activities; and even in my actuarial career, the trademark of my career was that I had extensive experience in a very diverse spread of professional experiences.

I don’t want to lose that. It is what makes it fun for me.

So I’ll strive to keep use of the PotCPMCA tag tamed in this journal. But if that comes at the expense of journalling anything at all, worry . . . then watch for me to emerge again in late September 2019, when I’ll be truly and completely retired!

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19 November 2017 at 6:42 pm

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