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Turning Lights Back On

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ingrid michaelsonPressure-washing the rust from these halls has been one task to be done for aftermath. Replacing burned-out bulbs and turning all the lights back on will be another.

Like, getting the music libraries on my iMachines back up and singing. Shifting laptops, strange things going on in my iTunes software, several reinstallations on the iMachines and general confusion following my shenanigans have left my playlists in shambles, in many cases with very little of my original stash left on hand. During clutter control this past week, I did locate back-up of some of the old stuff on a dusty flash drive, and will be refreshing all that soon. But also have been picking up a few new CDs.

For one, Ingrid Michaelson‘s Lights Out. Tracks added to my iPod’s Music —

  1. Home [4:24]
  2. Girls Chase Boys [3:41]
  3. Wonderful Unknown [5:01]
  4. You Got Me [3:13]
  5. Warpath [2:27]
  6. Handsome Hands [3:36]
  7. Time Machine [3:32]
  8. One Night Town [3:14]
  9. Open Hands [4:06]
  10. Ready To Lose [3:33]
  11. Stick [3:35]
  12. Afterlife [4:04]
  13. Over You [4:43]
  14. Everyone Is Gonna Love Me Now [5:17]

And all my online track listings have gone belly-up. Mainly because I made the gross mistake of trusting them to Google – really really bad choice. But it’s a good example of where cross-device online public access to my content is useful to me. So although I’m rebuilding my track listings under my offline system, one of these days I’ll turn the lights back on for my combined listings.

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24 July 2014 at 4:31 pm

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