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Work Bucket

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practical lessons in actuarial scienceOne of the key items on my work bucket list, which holds a fast-dwindling collection of things I wish to accomplish before my work life is over:

Click on the image of this book’s title page, then enlarge that if need be, and you’ll find this second edition to have been published by The Spectator Company in 1905! As in, 39 years older than the Society of Actuaries. As in, the book is some 13 years older than our dear neighbor, who celebrates his 97th birthday next week. As in, if the book had been born in the year it was published, then it would now be 10 years older than the last age given in the mortality table given in the book!

Which if nothing else demonstrates that good word survives its own author’s breath. And does still get itself read. And put to good use. ‘And “Miles” to go before I sleep . . . ’

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25 January 2015 at 9:22 am

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