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On a personal leave of absence from 43things the past two years, mildly disappointing to now finally get the memo about that site going down soon. It was always more the idea of it than anything else, that and a community I never belonged to, but nothing great functionality-wise. Even so, it was better than anything else I am finding by way of search for a replacement.

Why do I bother wasting time any longer looking for a new killer app for such interests or records? For years now, my go-to has settled into a close collaboration between Excel and Word, stored and controlled on my own local laptop. I won’t stop looking for some means to move some of the content online, if only so I can access things I want on different devices. But for the vast volume of material I work with, Word and Excel work quite fine; so I can stop wasting time playing around with tools that can only manage little pieces of the job.

So now among my major underground systems —

  • Benefits Finance Study — The first of my systems to demonstrate to me a power in Excel-Word collaboration that I have not found anywhere else. Also perhaps the best example of the “underground” nature of these systems – although I continue to dig and build on and on, quite likely nobody will ever see this material.
  • Poetry Register — Despite the success of my Benefits Finance Study’s use of Excel-Word, I persisted far too long with far too many alternatives, wasting so much time and effort, before I finally started treating the poems and poets as though they were pension plans, recreating almost overnight via Excel-Word what I had taken years to lose to the likes of Google’s junkyards. And again, like my benefits study, the system that I’ve built in my Poetry Register will more than likely never make it aboveground to get seen by anyone, despite how useful many might find its content.
  • Bucket List — Despite how well Excel-Word had been working for me on benefits and on poetry, there I too easily went again, off hunting for some app or software to handle for me what 43things had previously been doing. Why? No, once again, now I’ll turn to Excel and Word to rebuild what 43things will soon demolish. And more than ever, like my benefits study and poetry reading, this task list will never see the light of day, certainly not as I had felt comfortable doing with the 43things website.


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25 September 2014 at 4:25 pm

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