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iResolution 2018

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My firm resolve for 2018: I will purchase no new Apple equipment. No new iPhone. No iWatch. No other iGadgetry. And don’t even think of torturing me with a Mac!


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31 December 2017 at 10:39 am

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aurelia reset

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aurelia resetSo, I had to reset aurelia this morning.

No, Siri or whatever else has been nagging me the past month, I am not ready to send aurelia through reincarnation to a newer body. Bad enough I’ve been forcing her to work with iOS 11 (big mistake).

iPhun iPhun iPhun . . .

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4 December 2017 at 10:32 am

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Clean Homes

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A recent slip of a dragging finger got me experimenting far enough to discover that not only can all apps or folders be pushed off the main portion of an iDevice’s top home screen, but likewise the Dock – that border region at the bottom of any home screen. So in my never-ending reorganization of things on my stuff, I’ve redesigned all four of my top home screens —

iPod home screen iPod — my first iDevice, given to me as a birthday present the day before I first died. With the eventual addition of my other iDevices, the purposes for which I use my iPod have collapsed down to a small number of personal apps, most of those being Apple’s own pre-installed apps (notably, Mail and Music and iBooks). Since those key apps are always kept open and are typically first in the list of open apps reached via double-clicking the Home button, and since there is virtually no occasion any longer for anyone else to borrow my iPod for anything, there is no need to have any folders or apps cluttering the home screen at all, not even in the dock. So my iPod’s screen is the cleanest: simply the snapshot of me in Fitchburg at that pivotal moment in August 1998.
iPhone home screen iPhone — the second iDevice added to my collection in January 2012, after the iPod helped bring me through recovery well enough to win me over to Apple. Among my iDevices, my iPhone is the one most likely to be borrowed by a family member or friend for a quick call or some other emergency. But the apps any borrower might need can easily be organized into a single folder. So the Dock on my iPhone holds those apps in such a key folder. Past that, my iPhone Dock is clear of clutter, and nothing else is held on the iPhone’s top home screen.
iPad mini home screen iPad mini — my iPad mini was the last to join my four iHorsemen, an addition a few months ago when a Verizon special handed it to me almost free. My mini sits between my iPod and my iPhone in terms of potential use by other users, in part due to its built-in wireless (for instance, giving it GPS mapping capabilities when we’re on the road). But given the larger screen, I tend to use the mini more heavily than the iPhone for extensive reading, transcription and other writing, podcasts and other heavy lifting for my personal needs and interests. Those aspects are reflected in full use of folders placed on the iPad mini Dock. But like my iPod and my iPhone, the upper portion of the iPad mini’s top home screen is clear of all apps or folders.
iPad home screen iPad — third addition to my iDevice collection, the Dock and top screen of my iPad carries the most folders, in large part arising from my desire to retain the background collage I constructed for my iPad, which allowed for natural upper and lower spaces for my key folders.

Oh, but with how obsessive I get about remodeling and reorganizing, the next slip of my finger might give me yet another idea for shuffling things around, so it might not be very long before one or more of these images lose their resemblance to the active version.


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19 July 2014 at 1:17 pm

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Home Screening

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A lamp keeps the stars away.
If I go out there they are.

    — At Home, by Linda Gregg, as posted on The Writer’s Almanac

Memo to Self: When using the Safari option to “Add to Home Screen,” remember that additional steps will be necessary for locking in a particular moment prior to passing anything over to Twitter or Facebook.

That’s because the icon placed on the homescreen will generally take me not to whatever I was seeing at the moment I had meant for passing down the line, but rather will typically take me to a routine that will give me the current moment’s version. And likewise what generally will be seen anywhere I’ve passed something down the line will be the image of the moment that the page is viewed, not how it looked the moment I viewed it.

If I am unlikely to return to a web page, I tend to rely on Internet search engines if it does turn out that I wish to return. If I return to a web page frequently, but not for periodically updated content, I tend to use browser bookmarks to hold my place. These Safari home screen links (as with similar Windows links I have on both my laptops), I tend to use in the case of pages with content that is regularly updated in a specific format, such as in the case of the daily poem served up by The Writer’s Almanac. And of those different logistical methods that I employ, it is the home screen links that would usually give me content that I might want to pass along, either for my own purposes (such as I might pass a tool from my right hand to my left) or for any other reader’s use.

But taking The Writer’s Almanac example a few steps further to make the point, although Safari’s “Home Screen” performs quite effectively in organizing my routines and in taking me to TWA regularly, I can’t then directly send that same TWA page on to Twitter or Facebook, not “as is.” For by tomorrow, the tweet or FB status note will link to tomorrow’s poem, rather than to today’s. Making any note I add incoherent and irrelevant, even useless.

In the instance of The Writer’s Almanac, if I wish to pass a particular poem on to Twitter or Facebook, I first have to back up to yesterday’s powm using TWA’s own links, then come back into today, at which point I can make the pass over to Twitter or Facebook. For certain other pages I use Safari’s Home Screen option for organizing my logistics, a screen shot might be the easiest way to similarly capture the moment.

It’s kinda like poking holes in a piece of paper that is placed on top of the lamp so that starlike spots appear on the ceiling. One might then think it unnecessary to go outside to see the stars, but nothing then looks quite right unless one keeps continually moving the paper. (Yeah, I know, that’s the kind of metaphoric reflection that could win me ridicule and judgment from some, as long as one works off the assumption that it means I don’t know what it really means to be “at home.” Yeah well, at least I know enough to know that that ain’t it.)


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25 March 2012 at 11:15 am

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