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A Fine Specimen

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Finally establishing a new primary physician. Since I’ll expect to outlive this doc’s eventual retirement, he won’t be my last. But we’re probably down to one hand on remainders, not counting any ad hoc physicians pulled in for any further shenanigans.

My physical exam this morning went fine. Good blood pressure, compliments on my weight and on getting more exercise and on drinking more water. The cyst on my back is not a concern at this point. My next colonoscopy can wait a few more years. No signs of any prostate problems.

Prescriptions moved to the pharmacy around the corner. Caremark and our USPS finally convinced me they can’t be trusted with crucial health concerns.

Blood work, a flu shot and a shingles shot later, I’m off and running again, soon enough to make it comfortably to an actuaries’ conference call for my workday.

And of course, since those shots and bloodwork left me “broken,” bringing home two poetry books to comfort me my wounds.

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1 October 2014 at 5:36 pm

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