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Fitbit Nitwit

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Fitbit FlexI got a a Fitbit Flex for Christmas! Thank you, SuziQ!

My favorite feature of the device so far: the sleep pattern function. I had been keeping track of my sleep recently via the Now/Then iPhone app, but my tracking routine was rather haphazard and aimless, in part because I had no good way to adjust for times when I would be up during the night, sometimes with patches of insomnia. My first night using the Fitbit function appears to have been rather close to what I remember of a rather rough night, interrupted by too much coughing after exercising my throat too much yesterday too soon after recuperating from a cold. Give me a series of consecutive nights using this new gadget, and I’ll have something I can work with.

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26 December 2014 at 5:19 pm

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