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Legacy Castings

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The KalevalaOne of the books I’ve added to my private collection, courtesy of a Christmas gift card from Natalie: The Kalevala.

This version translated by Keith Bosley. I’d read this several times through a long time ago, long since forgetting enough details about the translation to be able to finger whose that was. Then recently had been reading through the version by John Martin Crawford — who may have done the translation I first read — posted online at Wikisource. Which I won’t be quitting while I pick up through this offline edition added to my library — since my knowledge of Finnish isn’t (yet) sufficient to work my own way through the Elias Lönnrot original, it helps having more than one English translation on hand. Hopefully most of the time the real meaning is somewhere in between these two, or can be pretty well discerned whenever outside the edges of either.

Whatever translation, this does belong in my own poetry library. One need not be authoring something as classic as Lord of the Rings to appreciate the legacy of The Kalevala to poetry and myth and spiritual heritage. Such castings as this don’t get rescinded on a passing whim. Such sampo never gets stolen or lost.

Thank you, Nat, for the Christmas gift.

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