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sec rssThe Securities Exchange Commission‘s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system now produces RSS feeds for just about any conceivable thread of information one might wish to track among the mountains of filings filed with the agency!!! I primarily follow corporations’ 10-K filings, which publish a company’s annual financial statement; and I’m just now winding down from wading through the tsunami of the 12/31/2007 yearend batch; so unless I’ve been completely unobservant, this beautiful orange rectangle just started making its appearance within the past several weeks.

The version of the XML logo I’ve given in the upper left corner of this post will produce a feed of the latest 10-K filings that have been submitted to the SEC. If once wishes other filings, such as the similar 20-Fs filed by foreign corporations, RSS feeds can be similarly created for those.

I’m running my own collection of SEC feeds through Bloglines, which I’ve found to be the most reliable, most flexible, easiest RSS reader to use, particularly for massive RSS feed collections such as I’m now starting to build here with these SEC feeds. Although my “All New 10-Ks” feed given by the XML logo in this post should pick up all annual financial statements, I guard myself against missing any of the bigger elephants by running separate SEC RSS feeds through my Bloglines SEC category, one for the 10-Ks of each of the companies I’m tracking (at this point, any in the Fortune 1000, along with a grabbag of assorted other pension plan sponsors). So, now when a new 10-K hits the SEC’s EDGAR database, Bloglines gives me an instant heads up and far easier access to the statement than I’ve had for years through this spring. Before, I was visually tracking the recent filings page and visiting each corporation’s EDGAR page to watch for new filings, then returning every week or so to corporations that were late with their filings, and with every filing having to come into the financial statement itself through those SEC outposts. Now I know instantly through Bloglines when I have new traffic, along with a direct line to the annual statement itself.

Still looking forward to the day when annual statement files’ XML that properly code up all standard financial information extends far enough into the pension disclosures to allow me to click a button that then instantly loads all of a financial statement’s pension data directly into my computer’s database. But this RSS capability is a good leap in the right direction. Very hearty applause for the SEC for showing us some of the power of RSS!!!

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5 April 2008 at 9:42 am

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