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HTML Hijacked

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We’ve had what, well over a dozen years – several epochs in Internet time – to learn how to properly code web pages. That’s apparently not enough time for the likes of the Wall Street Journal’s web design team.

Back in the beginning, when most of us were still on 64k modem speed, surfers would frequently speed up delivery of web pages by turning off images. Hence the required inclusion of the “alt” attribute for the IMG tag, required in the sense that a page’s HTML coding would not pass a standard validation test if alt attributes were missing. For the benefit of surfers who chose to view images, just as necessary were the height and width attributes, so a web browser could map out a page, without forcing the browser itself to first load up a potentially huge image file before giving the surfer access to the page.

Even at the blistering pace our wireless and cable connections offer the Internet these days, bloated webpages overloaded with unnecessary extra features and subterranean tracking and nefarious commercialized crap make those early rules just as necessary, just as required for valid HTML.

Ever come across a web page that jumps around after it loads, like the illustration provided in the brief video viewed by clicking on the image given in this post (a WSJ page where I attempt to scroll down to the desired content, only to have the page leap back up to the top after remaining content finally loads)? That’s the result of atrociously bad web design, of not giving the height and width attributes on image files or of similarly failing to properly code other such elements of a page, of forcing the browser to load the entire huge bulk of the page before the surfer is allowed to actually use the page.

Sadly, the WSJ is not alone. As bad if not worse: WordPress.

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28 February 2009 at 12:09 pm

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Fontly Yours — Size Matters

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Despite what my internet bumper sticker for this category will boast, I’ve forgotten more good HTML than I’ll ever remember that I wanted to know how to use. But let’s at least poke a stick at some of it every now and then, since I’ve already embarrassed myself by resorting to using old drudgery such as <font size=”1″> here at aftermath, I must confess.

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22 March 2008 at 8:20 am

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