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Note – This page is extremely dusty and cluttered from long ago. Bear with me while I sort through, clean it out, and get it back to working order. Thanks.

feed   rss aftermath   main weblog
feed   rss aftermath comments   comments on main weblog (very inactive)
feed     snapshots   assorted snapshots not included in an aftermath post
feed     appointed   macheïde calendar events
feed     appearances   macheïde photostrip
feed     face   macheïde microblogging via facebook
feed     twitknit   macheïde microblogging via twitter (*censored*)
feed     pneumatic   macheïde video clips posted on youtube
feed     dylanesque   macheïde blog at
feed     driven   macheïde’s computer and other devices
feed     polymath   a blog about macheïde’s blogging
feed     polymath comments   comments on the blog about macheïde’s blogging
feed     annotare   macheïde commentary
feed     quotated   quotes from macheïde’s reading
feed     bloglined   selections from macheïde’s blogroll reading
feed     delicious   macheïde’s blog tagging
feed     readings   selections from macheïde’s reading of scattered articles

Written by macheide

9 December 2008 at 4:38 pm

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    The Photosynth feed on aftermath’s sidebar isn’t working; and I can’t figure out how to fix it. The obvious place to resort to would be here, where I’d intended to collect RSS feeds. Alas, this corner is even dustier than just about anywhere else on aftermath, with many tunnels that go nowhere.

    Rather than attempt to clean up as much as would be needed to have Photosynth here immediately, I’m keeping my foot in the door via this comment. Next, then, will be to shovel out the rest of the junk from this room (perhaps first keeping a copy of this page for legacy memory). Then eventually I’ll come back around to adding Photosynth to this page. Only then might I remove the broken Photosynth reference from the sidebar.


    13 October 2014 at 5:01 pm


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