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ARLexicon Project — Phase I Variations

At the launch of ARLex, I decided that Stage 1 of Phase I of the project would exclude basic word variations.

For example, the word ‘discriminate’ holds a special place in my personal argot. For the inital pass through construction of ARLex, only ‘discriminate’ is included. I do not yet include ‘discrimination,’ nor do I include ‘discriminatory’ nor ‘nondiscrimination’ nor other variations that might rightfully be considered words different from ‘discriminate,’ however closely related.

At approximately the 33% mark of Phase I, this rule was slightly relaxed, albeit rather at random, upon encountering a term for which a variant held a sufficiently different meaning. [example forthcoming] Even so, throughout Phase I, basic plurals and tenses, adverbs formed via -ly, and other simple variants will be ignored.

As of the 40% mark of Phase I — reached during the first week of May 2019 — I still anticipate that: (i) although the basic underlying target of Phase I (i.e., as many words known as days lived) is unlikely to be reached via the strictest application of ignoring variations; nevertheless, (ii) it is appearing quite likely that the target may be reached by what I’ll call my “OED Entry Rule”: that any word given a separate entry in my OED (as opposed to being given as a variation within any OED entry) will be deemed a legitimate separate word within my ultimate ARLexicon.

[further details regarding variations to follow]

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