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ARLexicon Project Launch — Facebook Notes

Initial notes pertaining to my ARLexicon Project were posted at my main Facebook account —

  • Parciloquy’s Pursuit (March 31) — Launching the project, establishing the goal to construct a lexicon of words with which I am familiar, containing as many words as the number of days I have lived. With several initial comments carving variants out of the first stage of the project.
  • Facebook Post – April 16 — Purchase of Complete Wordfinder to assist in completion of Stage 1 of Phase 1 of ARLex.
  • Facebook Post – April 23 — Projected completion of Phase 1: July 8. Observation that better words are being found via my devotional readings than from the news; and that outside of Dylan, few songs are bringing me words not yet in ARLex.
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4 May 2019 at 3:31 pm

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