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ARLexicon Project

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ARLexicon Project — Phase I

The initial phase of my ARLexicon Project involves the construction of an inventory of words that I have known or that I encounter.

Phase I is best characterized by its primary goal: to construct an inventory of words with which I am (or ought be) familiar, the number of which is to equal the number of days I have lived.

As detailed at ARLexicon Project — Phase I Variations, my lexicon will have as its main words only those terms that are given separate entry in my Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

And even then, I will in Phase I include only single-word terms (although hyphenated words will be included), will exclude all proper nouns and other capitalized words (save for the personal pronoun “I”), will exclude contractions and will make other distinctions as will be described among my variations.

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4 May 2019 at 3:31 pm

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