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Work It Out To Morrow

To morrow, work it out past the edge of day.

Today, I will be off the clock. To morrow, work it out according to plan.

Today, I will continue to rest in recovery from a mild case of shingles. To morrow, work it out as though it had never touched me.

Today, I will open old doors in the labyrinth. To morrow, work it out to where I can lose myself all over again.

Today, I will complete the other half of the document I’ve been preparing with Players’ receipts and other records. To morrow, work it out on papers for the Special Projects Group.

Today, I will stop waiting to see someone else’s model on multiemployer pension plan policy alternatives. To morrow, work it out using what I had already been collecting, even before.

Today, I will place and people and images and sounds from the past six months. To morrow, work it out to keep it all fresh.

Today, I will putter with light packing while Kelly helps SuziQ with some of the heavy stuff. To morrow, work it out starting with fixing that toilet.

Today, I will start next week’s eBlast, for which I already have new content. Tomorrow, work it out to a new perfection.

To morrow, work it out through its complex inverse.

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19 August 2018 at 10:34 am

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