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Like Leonard, Like Bob, Like Neil

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I always work to sing it in my own way. But forgive me over the coming month or two if I get caught with a touch of Leonard, a touch of Bob, and a touch of Neil in my voice.

For our community’s Mardi Gras celebration, Ann asked me to sing Bad Moon Risin’. But she wants me dressed up like Satan in a tux with cape, and she’s been leaning on me to give some devilish tone to my delivery. Alright. I’ll aim toward channeling a cross between De Niro of Angel Heart and Pacino of Devil’s Advocate, inject a portion of my singing with a shot of Arthur Brown’s Fire, then marinate it all with Leonard Cohen’s Future. See if that gets it there.

Then Bobby called on me to sing June Is Bustin’ Out All Over from Carousel for our community’s St. Patty’s Day festivities. Since I was never all that clear on what I’d be singing then, I was completely unprepared when he called on me to sing it at rehearsal yesterday — I had no clue past that first phrase. But I promised him that by next week I would know it cold. In fact, I told him that within a week I would know it well enough to do it Dylanesque, then promptly sang the first several lines from memory with my Dylan impression. Ummm, it actually would sound better like Bob would do it than the original, in my opinion. We’ll see how far I go in asking my audience to agree — they did seem rather appreciative of my quasi-Dylan take on Corrina Corrina a month or so ago.

And are ya listenin’, Sandi? At our upcoming monthly karaoke night, I’ll be concentrating mainly on Neil Diamond songs, in recognition of the recent news that he’ll be retiring from the tour circuit. Back in college, Sandi told me she could just about fall in love with me, if only I could sing like Neil Diamond. She probably didn’t much care for how steeped my singing has always been in Leonard and Bob. Eh, so I’ll shoot for doing Cracklin’ Rosie with a cross of Leonard, Bob and Neil, how’s that sound?

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27 January 2018 at 12:46 pm

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