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Like Leonard, Like Bob, Like Neil

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I always work to sing it in my own way. But forgive me over the coming month or two if I get caught with a touch of Leonard, a touch of Bob, and a touch of Neil in my voice.

Like Leonard, Like Bob, Like Neil . . .

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27 January 2018 at 12:46 pm

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A Memory of Pre-Shenanigans Mind

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sudoku2018jan01Want a glimpse at how my mind used to work before the shenanigans? Here, spend a few minutes reviewing my first daily sudoku exercise for 2018, and perhaps you’ll see the memory that flashes through my head.

This is is puzzle graded as “easy” from a book I picked up before the shenanigans, one of several I still go back to for ripping a page out for daily mental therapy post-shenanigans.

Now, before the shenanigans I only did this part in my head, never on the page in ink; but after the shenanigans I found it to be useful therapy to actually draw it out: as many have since seen, I like to draw the arrows mapping out my progress through a puzzle. Sometimes the maps flow very smoothly; other times they are a tangle worthy of the most complicated mess in my knot book.

Follow my path in this one . . .

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1 January 2018 at 9:51 am

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