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iResolution 2018

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My firm resolve for 2018: I will purchase no new Apple equipment. No new iPhone. No iWatch. No other iGadgetry. And don’t even think of torturing me with a Mac!

And I will waste none of our resources fixing any of my existing iDevices. The messy screen of one of my iPads which was dropped by someone a month ago?—leave it. The cracked screen of my iPhone, dropped several times after its original Otter case fell apart and I hesitated to get a new Otter while deciding whether it was yet time for me to switch to an Android?—why throw money away on even getting a new screen?

And I will waste no more money on iGadget peripherals or such. No new batteries. No more spare power cords. No fans or other fun stuff. Not even any new protective cases. Nothing.

And I will do no further updates to any new (sub)version of iOS. I’ve finally wasted my final hour doing Apple’s bug testing for them. No more. Not one minute more.

And I will download no new apps from Apple’s App Store. Not even free apps. I have no need to be wasting any time learning any new app on any iGadget that is headed for the junk pile anyway. Anything any new app might have to offer me, I can already handle it quite fine via Windows on my laptop. And if I want mobile access to it, then it can wait until I’m ready to move completely to an Android.

And I will purchase no new music nor any new books nor anything else through any Apple store.

And I will cease paying for extra storage on Apple’s iCloud. I have far better alternatives that I’ve already been using.

And I will stop using both my iPads. And I will stop using both my iPad mini devices. And the Nano. And that Shuffle. And yes, as much as it will break my heart because of what it has meant to me because of when it was given to me, I will even severely curtail use of my dear 6-year-old iPod. It will be refreshing to not have to be dragging through knee-deep mud just to get some of the most basic things done.

Thank you, Apple, for making it clear with iOS 11 that you know what is best for your customers. You showed me very clearly that what is best for me is to rid my life of Apple equipment and software.

So for 2018, I resolve to rid myself of the most destructive addiction in my life: anything to do with Apple.

Written by macheide

31 December 2017 at 10:39 am

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