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“You still use a planner?” is a question I am often asked with out-and-out disbelief.

Paper Planners in the Digital Age:
Why We’re Still Addicted

— Lane Florsheim

Don’t expect me to be one to ask. But perhaps for different reasons than that WSJ article lured me into reading. Or for more reasons. And definitely for as many reasons going to the contrary.

My electronic devices and files will never replace my paper planners and journals. But then again, nine times out of ten I might get asked that question with a touch of incredulity because I am seen so often jotting something down on an electronic record — so it’s not so much a matter of disbelief that I might be using something rendered obsolete by the Age of the Paperless, but rather that it seems odd to many that I bother to duplicate much of my content, keeping both an electronic version and a hand-written hand-drawn version.

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28 December 2017 at 12:25 pm

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