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Yester’s Day

Yester’s day I continued encountering problems with iOS 11 demonstrating how sub-mediocre Apple’s standards have become. As slow as ever, if not more so — several times I set my iPhone aside to let it decide when to pull up a simple screen of a Note or a VoiceMail and tended to work under Windows on my laptop. Several times in the space of an hour attempting simple tasks iOS 11 crashed on me. It took 4 attempts to get one of my voicemails to make it into an archive note without turning a 22-second message into a zero-byte piece of nothing. And once again I encountered the frequent problem of a snapshot that refused to permit editing until I resorted to working with a duplicate of the pic after first wasting a few minutes setting up edits before hitting iOS 11 rejection. Next time, the smart phone I replace this one with won’t be an Apple.

Yester’s day, in fact, the e-mail on my iPhone became so unresponsive, I quit entirely and worked on my inbox from the laptop. Next time, I’ll be using my iPhone for e-mail only when on the road without my laptop, and even then only when there arises any e-mail that can’t wait until I’m back home to a system that is responsive and reliable.

Yester’s day after we finished our crafting, I declined an invitation to join SuziQ & Carol & Kristen for lunch out, so Kelly went with them. Next time, I won’t load up to such an extreme the frozen mac & cheese I had at home.

Yester’s day I discovered that a handful of the e-mail addresses given to us for the men’s discussion group are invalid. Next time, I have even those filled in on the master directory I began during the campaign.

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16 December 2017 at 7:09 pm

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