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Expect To Morrow

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To morrow, expect me to lose count of all the blessings I have through you.

Today I will spend some of my extra unplugged time working on a sketch. To morrow, expect me to add color to its black & white.

Today I will clean up my voice mail, archiving recordings and transcriptions of those I wish to document. To morrow, expect me to add daily archiving to my virtus dormitiva routine.

Today I will create an e-mail group for our Men’s Discussion Group and send out the info on Al, along with an updated copy of the group’s current contact list. To morrow, expect me to have a word with them about privacy issues and other e-mail lists our community maintains.

Today I will give 20 minutes to one of the team presenting alternatives to the Board this coming Monday, giving an idea of what he might expect and suggestions on how to focus his presentation to maximize its chances. To morrow, expect me to find some time to finally get started on the alternative they want me to present.

Today I will send an excerpt from The Chicago Manual of Style to the Chair of our Special Committee on Bylaws. To morrow, expect me to follow up with brief descriptions of other potential style guides for our work.

Today I will skim the weekend WSJ. To morrow, expect me to dig further into how much more complicated the pending tax bill is going to make things for retirees and pension plans and actuaries.

Today I will prepare another batch of Christmas cards for mailing, still worried I might accidentally send out a duplicate. To morrow, expect me to worry more than ever that you might be one I missed, mistaken in worrying you might have been a duplicate.

Today I will help SuziQ & Carol & Kristen place stencils on about three dozen glasses to be given to teachers during a Christmas party this coming week, my specialty being the patience it takes when one of the stencils doesn’t want to behave. To morrow, expect me to be studying that silhouette software to make the next project even better.

Today I will reach Orange TX — almost out of state! — in the virtual journey represented by the walking I have done since this past Thanksgiving morn. To morrow, expect me to enjoy watching Kelly walk across a graduate’s stage.

Today one of my walks will be up to the Pro Shop to see if I left my vest there last night after our Golf Cart Christmas Parade, like how I left my satchel of presidential papers behind at the meeting of CPAs this week, like how I left my jacket hanging in a forgotten corner when I was helping to set up for the Ragtimers concert, like how I lost my copy of the minutes of our November Board Meeting, like how I seem to have developed a knack for forgetting or losing some necessary thing pretty much every day recently. To morrow, expect me to work on trying to develop a new habit to be proactive about not just shrugging off my forgetfulness.

Today I will pick up litter during my walks around the hood. To morrow, expect to catch me up along our northern edges.

Today I will fill out that application to ask the Foundation to fund chess sets and pieces and maybe a few chess clocks for our fledgling chess club. To morrow, expect me to finally launch that chess book I’ve been meaning to write the past 4 decades.

Today I will catch up on some of the podcasts I hadn’t gotten around to listening to without making it through more past episodes than the new ones that will come through the door, even at the accelerated speed at which I play them. To morrow, expect me to subscribe to a few new podcast channels anyway.

Today I will dance lightly through portions of my choreography, including ironing shirts, cleaning the litter boxes and taking out the Saturday trash, emptying the recycle bin, washing some of the windows, feeding and pottying the dogs, clearing some of the clutter and skipping through various other light tasks. To morrow, expect me to find something to fix.

Today I will eat light, in the vain hope of reversing in a single day the past month of excesses. To morrow, expect me to remain unconvinced that I ate light enough, even were I to fast.

Today I will clear out my main personal e-mail inbox, which had bulged to over 300 unread messages; and today I will update the apps on my iPhone despite hating iOS 11 enough to be on the verge of replacing my iPhone with any device not hawked by Apple; and today I will run another photo dump through Dropbox and clean out my photo album on the iPhone, again looking increasingly toward options other than the klunky ones iOS 11 tries to drag me though. To morrow, expect to find me cutting more iPhone admin clutter out of my life by moving to better alternatives.

Today I will nap a bit, maybe just 22 minutes or so, since I was up past 1am this morning then awake and rolling by 5am, more than enough in my youth but short these days. To morrow, expect me to stay awake.

Today I will add more new tasks and projects to my list than I complete. To morrow, expect me to accelerate past my fifth moment.

Today I will again have a reason for everything I do, if I can. To morrow, expect me to know what to expect.

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16 December 2017 at 7:09 pm

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