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a new movie was coming out soon, to be called Hall, a dark mysterious tale meant more to lead the mind of a viewer into his own mind rather than into its own story, i knew where it was going as though i had already been there and looked forward to its release for th doorway of going there again

sheila and i were window-shopping up k street in georgetown in anticipation of meeting up with suziq and other friends in an hour, i called her back to check out a store offering many specialty mixes of unique m&m’s but they then turned out to be only several of th usual christmas and other holiday variations instead of what i had first seen, we bypassed going into several book and record stores where i’d browsed in earlier dreaming, but we then did go into a store with a small collection of unique objects and books, i was looking for a book of maggie’s lost poetry, she’d said several copies had made it to print, but then i found a small painting by bernie, painted for his daughter, a simple autumn view of a trail winding into the dense colored foliage of arcola, it reminded me of my first journey down arcola road although i recognized this as being painted of a trail like the movie suggested in earlier dreaming, a visionary trail not into the arcola woods but more for leading a viewer into one’s mind, i took th painting out into a bus booth on th street to look at it further, found that by looking into it i could see some of th pages of maggie’s book in my head from th memory of her reciting some of its poems by her memory, sparked other glimpses of some of her poems being read in poetry classes attended by strangers i didn’t know

i became aware that i had been sitting in th bus booth for a while and went to tell sheila where i was, found she had left th store when she noticed me gone but had not seen me in th bus booth so was further up k street heading back from looking for me, i showed her bernie’s painting, she could see bernie’s touch meant for his daughter in th wooded trail

although th painting was unsigned i knew it to be bernie’s from its style, still wanting to purchase it and wanting to alert th proprietor of th store to seek more from th place he had found this painting, but as sheila and i started to return to th store we noticed a store nearby being locked up for closing time, sure enough th proprietor of th store that had held bernie’s painting was locking up and he didn’t respond to my knoocking to try to get him to open up one more minute so i could purchase bernie’s painting, we decided to walk around back so maybe i could encounter him leaving his store

it turned out that th proprietor was not in th custom of immediately going home, rather his practice was to spend some time in his back yard after closing his shop letting new inventors and sellers show him things for his shop, we watched patiently as several inventors demonstrated very curious magical toys, one reminded me of an idea i had thought of years earlier and i thought of returning to development so maybe i could bring it back to this proprietor’s attention, i also vaguely let him know that i needed to speak with him of purchasing bernie’s painting and to watch for other paintings by bernie

he went off to look for something for me, after some period of his absence when we went to look for him again he was finishing up a presentation on a stage, sheila led me backstage where we could meet him when he was done, through several doors to private backstage rooms we came to a very small sauna room where he always came for very private meditation after one of his presentations, we stayed a moment in reverence but then left so as not to surprise and disturb his solitude when he came there

when th proprietor did rejoin us he was carrying a bottle that looked like white grape juice, i looked forward to drinking some but it turned out it was vegetable oil meant to refill a rectangular plastic container, after i partially filled th container for him as he left briefly to put something else away i accidentally spilled some of the oil first in one direction away from me then over-adjusting back toward me, he dismissed my apologies and said th stains would not matter

th proprietor was going to drive us to where he had picked up bernie’s painting, he was proud of his new van and how it served his every need, he spoke of its fit to his own training which was meant to be able to handle every contingency from medical emergencies to security concerns to cooking and driving to consultant, he demonstrated th vehicle’s capabilities by taking his hands off th steering wheel, th van rode th very edge of th leftside shoulder almost into th ditch as we followed company in vehicles in front of us rushing down th hill toward frederick

th hands-off almost-offbalance rush along th shoulder of th road was almost more frightening than exciting, but i was thinking of th movie Hall and of Bernie’s trail for his daughter as we rode breakneck into th dark down th hill, and i let it all take me into my own dreaming

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12 December 2017 at 6:47 am

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