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Settings — Receptionist

Key receptionist settings —

  • Notifications — I’m somewhat disturbed to find that after the recent system reset, the apps listed under the settings tab for notifications is extremely short. And extraordinarily arbitrary; e.g., 3rd-party apps such as Stars & Stripes and YouTube are on the new list for notification settings, but very few other 3rd-party apps appear. I’m particularly concerned because I came to these settings very early on in my reset recovery process, upon noticing that notifications for my Outlook email – through which I send my PotCPMCA e-mail – have disappeared post-reset. Outlook now does not appear in the Notification settings, nor do notification settings appear in Outlook’s app settings in the 3rd-party app listing under settings. So thanks again, Apple — give me a poorly designed iOS upgrade that eventually makes my iPhone unworkable without a reset, then eliminate essential features from the settings layout that appears post-reset or else hide them in non-intuitive places that waste even more user time, and you know what you get?—my next smart phone will not be an Apple. [P.S.—I re-established my PotCPMCA e-mail alerts under Mail notification settings, as described below; and that might have been where I’d done it before the system reset. That doesn’t soften my mood about Apple’s sloppy programming and arrogant attitude towards its users. Notifications were far more flexible for 3rd-party apps before my recent system reset; and there is no good excuse for what has been removed.] Meanwhile —
    • Show Previews — I’ve changed this setting from the apparent default of “Always” to “When Unlocked.” I might eventually switch back if I find that my PotCPMCA e-mail traffic needs to always be there whether locked or unlocked. But for now, the potential privacy leak concerns me enough to make this change.
    • Mail — I have separate notification settings for each separate e-mail account. Those separate e-mail accounts survived the recent system reset, apparently constituting “content”; but previous notification settings for those accounts were erased and needed to be reestablished —
      • PotCPMCA — Changed the sound to “Alert”; Reestablished “Show in History” and to “Show as Banners” as Persistent; but left “Show on Lock Screen” off and left my new default of showing previews only when unlocked intact.


  • Control Center
  • Do Not Disturb
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