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Settings — Connectivity

Key connectivity settings —

  • Airplane Mode — I now place aurelia on Airplane Mode rather often, especially when recharging while in the company of SuziQ. But I now usually do so via the Control Center. Except when I wish to irritate Siri, who complains about doing so because she becomes unavailable. This trigger in the settings seems somewhat irrelevant.
  • Wi-Fi — Apparently my wi-fi passwords were a setting, not content. I had to go dig up the one for my home wi-fi; and I will need to have the passwords on hand for other secured networks I use, like Nat’s home and Jen’s workplace.
    And I suppose a decision to even access an unsecured network is a setting: I had to again explicitly acknowledge my desire to get on the open network our community has at the Carriage House, even though a password is not required.
  • Bluetooth — I always keep Bluetooth on, even when on Airplane Mode. My Fitbit sometimes doesn’t get along with aurelia; but when it does, it needs this connection.
  • Cellular
  • Personal Hotspot
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4 December 2017 at 10:32 am

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