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Settings — ID

Key identification information held in Settings —

  • ID Selfie, Name and E-Mail — “Reset All Settings” leaves this information untouched. It is, after all, important content. Although more easily reset than to try to recover any lost documents, it’s nice that this information remained intact through this morning’s system reset, albeit curious that Apple seems lacking in carrying that recognition to everything connected with my Apple account, such as the App Store.
  • Name, Phone Numbers, E-mail — Ditto, retained through this morning’s reset.
  • Password & Security — Ditto, retained through this morning’s reset.
  • Payment & Shipping — Ditto, retained through this morning’s reset.
  • iCloud — Seems to have retained previous settings through this morning’s reset. Let’s take the opportunity to reassess whether that’s what I want . . . & I’ll come back to this again later, when I come back to looking through what I have app by app.
  • iTunes & App Store — Now Apple won’t let me change the Password Settings for iTunes and the App Store. Fine. I’m not interested in any further purchases from or through Apple anyway. And I turned off a default setting that came through after this morning’s reset: app updates don’t get automatic updates on aurelia. Also turned off “In-App Ratings & Reviews. And made “Video Autoplay” Wi-Fi Only.
  • Family Sharing — Hadn’t done this before. As long as we’re going through everything upon reset, let’s see what happens if I add SuziQ . . . . Eh, alright I suppose, although it doesn’t really appear to add anything we don’t already have through other means, unless we spend more money than I care to give Apple these days (as in, a single penny more than they’ve wasted already).
  • Equipment — Deleted my old laptop from the line-up, although I thought I’d already done that on an earlier sweep through these settings.
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4 December 2017 at 10:32 am

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