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Be Content

By choosing to “Reset All Settings” rather than “Erase All Content and Settings,” aurelia has retained not only content such as my snapshots and documents and the 3rd-party apps I use, but has also retained certain of her character traits that apparently are viewed by Apple as constituting content rather than a setting.

In my viewpoint of seeing settings as making up my device’s DNA, perhaps these features are more like a beard or eyeglasses or clothing: they do distinguish aurelia from any iPhone out there as uniquely mine; but I’ll grant, they do tend to be more ephemeral than a typical setting meant to have more permanent an effect.

Such as it is, the following features have been deemed “content” by Apple, at least for the reset performed this morning (with no promises for what Apple will consider to be content for any future reset), preserving these aspects of aurelia‘s character —

  • Screen Layouts — I prefer to keep the centers of the screens on each of my iDevices as clear of apps and folders as possible. Heavily used apps go in folders placed on the fixed bar at the bottom of the screen; other folders are carefully lined up along the top of successive screens past the home page. The most extensive such layout is held by aurelia, my iPhone 6s; indeed, all my other iDevices follow her lead. I have documented much of aurelia‘s current screen layout, so could have re-established it without too much trouble if that had been considered to be a setting, rather than being treated as content. Nice, though, that my layouts remained fully intact through this morning’s system reset.
  • Folders — Similar to my screen layouts, yet separately and distinct, I prefer all my apps to be organized into folders. Any stray apps not yet in folders are only in transit to their placement. And again, like with my screen layouts, although I have documented many app folder assignments, it’s nice that those folder memberships were considered content, not settings, so were preserved through this morning’s system reset.
  • Widget Choices — Since a setting reset leaves apps intact, it’s not much of a surprise that widgets remain. But widget choices, including my personal layout according to what matters most to me, also remain in place through this morning’s reset. Thank you.
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Written by macheide

4 December 2017 at 10:32 am

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