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“Only” Erasing Her DNA

As indicated by the pic on the opening page of this post, this morning I reset aurelia via the option to “Reset All Settings.” For the record, at least through mid-afternoon, that step does appear to have eliminated the problem encountered this morning, when my iPhone was almost inoperable, due to crashes every 2-3 minutes. But at such a cost in terms of more wasted hours.

“Reset All Settings” essentially erases most of aurelia‘s DNA. Briefly this morning, my iPhone might just as well have been any other person’s iPhone, not aurelia, not that special entity designed to be very uniquely a part of me.

There are some exceptions to that characterization, generally items that Apple apparently considers to be “content” rather than a “setting.” For instance, nobody else sets up their folders like I do; and that was retained through the reset. Other characteristic traits retained through the reset will be noted in the next page of this post, although Apple’s recent behavior gives me absolutely no confidence that such a record might help be predict how any future reset might work.

I can still remember my first serious computer crash like it was only yesterday, when a severe thunderstorm moved abruptly over Wall Street. Still too much a novice, I had not backed up the work I was doing; so a lightning strike that caused a flicker in the electricity in our building wiped out hours of hard core creativity. I learned my lesson only that once, so began developing habits of backing up my work, adding redundancy, placing files on storage devices in different places, even always conscious of seeking to have back-up software to anything I use, and to develop routines for transfers from one computer to the next (since back then, I usually upgraded equipment every 8-9 months, so was constantly in transition).

Only to learn how difficult a thing it is to preserve what I began seeing as my equipment’s DNA.

Files and workbooks and documents, I could generally take care of. But those settings that determined the character of my equipment and how its operating system worked, that was more difficult to keep.

I have always been in need of a good companion who would say “I will let you keep me,” and mean it.

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4 December 2017 at 10:32 am

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