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Scratching at Reincarnation

Siri or some other bad influence has been scratching at aurelia for a month or so now, trying to get her itching for reincarnation. It ain’t happenin’, not anytime soon. But the scratching has been rather persistent —

  • iOS 11 Fail — First, I made the blunder of agreeing to upgrade to iOS 11. I hate that Apple has grown as lazy as Microsoft on their software development, pushing a bug-laden operating system out to let users be their unpaid testers. Even at a tenth of the minimum wage in the lowest paying third world labor market, the hours I’ve wasted over bad Apple work would easily pay for the newest Android . . . and don’t think I don’t think of that every single day Apple wastes more of my time with just plain bad programming.

    OK, but as if that’s not bad enough, Apple seems to have committed a downright nasty act with iOS 11. When iOS 11 slowed my iPhone down to the speed of driving through knee-deep mud on an unpaid country road, I stopped by an Apple store to see what I was doing wrong. Apparently, only one thing: I failed to purchase a new iPhone. “The new operating system is not designed to run well on an iPhone 6s,” said the Apple technician. Wouldn’t that have been a good warning label to place right up front when the iOS 11 upgrade was pushed in my direction. Like, “Warning: You are attempting to upgrade the operating system on a piece of equipment on which the result will be worse than reverting to the original iPhone of years long gone. Plus, this decision will be pretty much irreversible — we give you no easy way to go back to the old operating system. In other words, don’t do it.” But no, Apple seems to want me to find out the hard way that they’re trying to screw me out of my old phone. So, kid, want an iPhone X? Not from a company that treats its customers with such callous disregard. No thanks — next new phone I get will be a Samsung or some other alternative. After years of wasting countless hours of my time, Apple has finally convinced me to leave them behind.

    Seriously, this is unconscionable. My 6-year-old iPod – the leewit – runs on iOS 6.1.6 quite fine for the basics like e-mail and messaging and notes and many of my basic 3rd-party apps, and actually does it better and faster than trying those same tasks on my iPhone 6s under iOS 11!! See, Apple used to care. They didn’t wreck my iPod by forcing me to upgrade old equipment to an operating system that would render it incompetent. The iPod’s old operating system doesn’t have many of the advanced features of the newer versions of iOS, but watch me this past month: I’m back to using the leewit almost as much as I use aurelia. And again, Apple, that does not convince me to get a newer iPhone; it only tells me to switch to something that doesn’t require iOS at all.

  • Otter Fail — Siri must have tattled on me. Like, maybe informed Apple that there was a user out here still obstinate enough to continue trying to use his iPhone 6S even under the daily torture of having to drag it through iOS 11. Because then my Otter phone case fell apart.

    Yes, pretty much disintegrated right in my hand. I know, Siri claims to have no such super-power, but I find the coincidence rather suspicious. Especially since the “solution” sounded so familiar: Time to get a new iPhone, right?

    Granted, the initial suggestion was to get a new Otter case, not immediately go for a new iPhone. That was just a red herring; since an Otter case generally lasts for years, I was supposed to respond that rather than get a new Otter for an old iPhone that I wouldn’t hold onto for that long, maybe my Otter disintegration should be viewed as a sign. Ummm, I’m more stubborn than they know.

    So I simply went for a few weeks without any protective case at all. Which meant that Siri kept trying to make aurelia commit suicide. Which cracked her screen more and more with each new fall. Each time trying to persuade me to get a new iPhone. Nothing worked. I now have a new Otter case, not even bothering to waste more money than necessary getting a new screen for an iPhone that keeps trying so hard to be shelved.

  • System Fail — So this morning, aurelia was crashing every 2-3 minutes. On any app, whether an Apple app or a trustworthy 3rd-party app, even when I was poking through system settings, finally when I was doing nothing more than watching the home screen. I did several hard restarts, to no avail.

    But no no no no a thousand times no. I am not ready to get rid of this iPhone; and when I do, it will be because I’m ready to go with one of Apple’s competitors.

    So the only other option I have for today is a system reset. Apple, you owe me for a few dozen more wasted hours. This is precisely why so much of my work the past several months has been moved to more reliable equipment and systems.

So be it. The remaining pages of this post will at least chart my progress to re-establish at least some semblance of order to what Apple wants me to leave behind.

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Written by macheide

4 December 2017 at 10:32 am

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