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An Actuary without Excel Is Like…

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Wall Street without the Journal? K Street without a lobbyist? A tax bill without a favor for a special interest?

No, it’s way more intrinsic than that.

I was born an actuary and will die my last death an actuary. And no matter what marketplace the designers believe they created Excel for, I will always believe it to have been God’s gift to my actuarial soul.

Today’s Wall Street Journal carries a front page article that mentions actuaries and Excel in the same breath — Life Without Excel Is Not Worth Living. Reminds me of a shaving mug David gave me back in college, sporting the advice, “What’s worth doing is worth doing well.” Or in the case of a good actuarial thought, “What’s worth doing is worth doing in Excel.”

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Written by macheide

1 December 2017 at 6:52 am

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