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IMG_0373We were supposed to be putting up our Christmas tree today, then getting a good start toward decorating the house inside and out over the weekend. And I’d wanted to get back to cleaning up a few PotCPMCA odds and ends.

But late last night the master toilet — or as today’s OED WotD quite by predictive chance would say, our “chanty” — went broken beyond all tinkering. A trip to Home Depot for a repair kit only taught us that we maybe should have disassembled the entire chanty before shopping. But then a second trip to a nearby plumbing supply store gave us most of the parts we needed. So even before the Navy v. UH game was over, I was back in front of my TV set in need of another home fixit project to have for procrastination excuse on that Christmas tree thing.

Together, SuziQ and I managed to do some major plumbing repair on a Kohler chanty!! Watch out, Operations Committee, I might start thinking I know how to fix things!!

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24 November 2017 at 1:28 pm

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