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Week 7 — From Home to Canton TX and Deep into Louisiana

Day 43. I begin my 7th week of this year’s trek strolling into Carthage TX, the Gas Capital of the United States. The last time I was actually in Carthage was on a drive home from Nashville in September 2011, when I’d already started feeling the early onset of my shenanigans.

Day 44. After falling back, during my post-Christmas winter chest cold, to being just barely on pace, I’m now back up to being two days ahead, not as much margin as I may need through the rest of the year, but at least accelerating back in the right direction. And today I stroll into Corpus Christi TX.

I may have been expressing my margin in confused terms; perhaps even I was confused about what my calculations meant. During my post-Christmas cold, I had one day during which I walked only 255 steps, barely enough to get from my bed to the bathroom several times, and far far less than the 10k I aim to walk each day. On that day, I used up one of my “sick days” : a reserve of days when I can even walk zero (like, if I were to be hospitalized) and still not fall behind on my annual target. But after a week of that winter cold, I’d used up almost my entire reserve, so was almost in danger of falling behind overall: if I were to continue for a full year at the average pace I had been doing since the beginning of this year’s trek, my winter cold put me almost exactly at getting into New York on Thanksgiving Day. Now, there’s a difference between that “sick day” reserve – how many days I can go withough any walking at all – versus how many days in advance I would make it into New York City if I were to continue at the average pace of the year so far. For instance, after this past week’s recovery, my “sick day” reserve is back up to three days: I can go for three days in bed with no walking at all, yet still be on target for making it to New York by Thanksgiving Day 2018. But if I continue for the remainder of the year at the average pace I’ve done so far, then I will pull into New York on October 28, which is 23 days before Thanksgiving Day. Which makes sense: if I continue my current average pace, then that suggests I would pick up 3 extra days of reserve every six weeks. In the future, to keep it straight, I’ll report both “sick day” reserves and projected date of NYC arrival, with how many days that projected date is in advance of Thanksgiving Day.

Day 45. Today I reach San Antonio TX, with enough extra steps to walk the Alamo and various other sites around town. Although I’ve been walking well the past week since recovering from this year’s winter cold, I remain far behind the pace I started out with three years ago, when I reached San Antonio on Day 35. Still: Sick Day Reserve – 4 days; ETA – Oct 21 (30 days advance).

Day 46. I’ve reached Tyler TX, the Rose Capital of the United States. And after dropping to an average dsily pace of about 4.5 miles from Thanksgiving Day through the end of my winter chest cold, I’ve now built my daily average pace back to 5.0 miles.

Day 47. And now I’ve made it to Ennis TX, edging closer to Dallas. My Sick Leave Reserve is now up to 5 days, and I’m on pace to roll into Columbus Circle NYC on October 12, over 39 days ahead of schedule. And after dropping to an average daily pace below 9k steps during my winter cold, I’m now back up to an average over 10k steps.

Day 48. I’ve now walked far enough since Thanksgiving Morn 2017 to make it far into Louisiana, all the way to Lafayette.

Day 49. I close out my 7th week of this year’s trek in Canton TX, home to First Monday Trade Days.

Oh, and by the way, I’m now 401k up the road. So my bumper sticker is right insofar as my running, yes. But give me 7 weeks, and I can walk it!


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23 November 2017 at 7:27 am

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  1. I’m going to begin keeping my Fitbit charger in the car. It’s so natural a place to keep it, I don’t know why it never occurred to me before. Like yeah, sure, my Fitbit’s nag feature has this penchant for encouraging me to go for a walk when we’re cruising down the highway at 60mph. But seriously, that’s the best time to be giving its battery a boost instead.

    If I go enough days without driving or riding, I’ll know where to find it . . . and then will just need to remember to put it back!


    23 November 2017 at 9:10 am


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