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Those Days

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Week 1 — From Home to Angleton

Day 1 — Thanksgiving Day 2017. Longest stretch: exploring the back way from the Fellers’ to Kroger through the neighborhoods, on an errand run for SuziQ. For the day making my 10k step quota. Which is enough to get me to the Pearland Westside Library, with enough left over to walk the stacks as many times as I’m used to doing.

Day 2 — Black Friday 2017. Handyman labor and the rehearsal dinner for Zack & Bekah’s wedding kept my walking less than half my daily goal. I still made it far enough since starting for a virtual walk to Pearland Town Center and back, with enough extra steps to see me around B&N and several shops for Christmas shopping.

IMG_0439Day 3 — Wedding Day for Zack & Bekah. SuziQ & I started our day out with a neighborhood walk shortly after 6am during fading dark. Although suffering a bad fall before 5k steps, I managed to walk enough through the rest of the day to lift my 3-day average above 10k, making up for yesterday’s deficit. Since Thanksgiving Day morn, enough for a virtual walk to NRG Stadium with enough left over to walk around. And back, were I to want to, but I’ve discovered that the Fitbit app arbitrarily under-records the steps and mileage indicated on my Fitbit device. There’s probably some fix recommended on their website, but I can’t be so bothered. Like how I have things set to underestimate the mileage anyway, let’s figure that to be the case on the steps too. As near as I can estimate so far, the app records about 2% fewer steps than the device has counted. Let’s shrug that off as if we’re not counting quasi-steps anyway, and go with it. We’ll still be wanting to shoot for something around 10.1k steps on the device – past when it celebrates my 10k step threshold – in order to mark the quota in the Excel workbook where I’m keeping track, but whatev. Like I figured it 3 years ago, on this project I prefer under-counting steps and under-measuring miles anyway. I prefer that if I can claim I’ve walked enough to do a virtual journey anywhere, I’ve actually gone enough beyond that for you to see me off the horizon. That still doesn’t excuse Fitbit, and I’ll be remembering this when I get around to shopping for new equipment a few years from now. But this is the most time I’ll waste on it for this virtual trip.

Day 4 — Sunday after Thanksgiving. And I need to walk off Thanksgiving dinner, the rehearsal dinner for the wedding of Zack & Bekah, and their reception dinner. On this virtual journey, I’ve walked enough to take me to the site of my shenanigans, Memorial Hermann Southeast, with enough pacing left over to walk the halls looking for that nurse who broke my ribs resuscitating me and to step out and around to where friends stood guard in prayer.

Day 5 — Holiday Decoration Day in our community. I’m completely ignoring the Fitbit app now. I was low yesterday – around 4,300 steps according to the Fitbit device – but the app decided to call that 531 steps. Still relying on the device (which also undercounts significantly, but within enough reason to hang onto it for now — I’ve checked by actually counting steps, as well as by checking mileage against an odometer and mapping software), from this year’s start I’ve walked enough for a virtual journey to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and back, with enough left over for walking the galleries.

Day 6. Since Thanksgiving morn, I’ve now walked enough for a virtual journey to the Lone Star Flight Museum and back, with enough left to walk around a bit if I’d timed the walk to coincide with the air show.

Day 7. Completing my first week of the current exercise, I have walked enough to complete a virtual journey to the Brazoria County Library in Angleton. Or to Half Price Books on University Boulevard — where I did purchase three books today — and back home . . . and then back to Half Price Books again, with enough steps left over to cruise the bookstore for more books to add to my home stacks! I end my first week this time around about 3.5 miles ahead of where I was at the end of my first week three years ago. Even so, I’m going to need to pick up my pace soon — I’m not yet back up to the average pace that I had for the early half of that other walk.


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23 November 2017 at 7:27 am

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  1. I’m going to begin keeping my Fitbit charger in the car. It’s so natural a place to keep it, I don’t know why it never occurred to me before. Like yeah, sure, my Fitbit’s nag feature has this penchant for encouraging me to go for a walk when we’re cruising down the highway at 60mph. But seriously, that’s the best time to be giving its battery a boost instead.

    If I go enough days without driving or riding, I’ll know where to find it . . . and then will just need to remember to put it back!


    23 November 2017 at 9:10 am


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