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Week 8 — Half a Million Steps From Home!!

Day 50 marks the day I’ve reached half a million steps during this year’s journey! And today I’m spending at the Padre Island National Seashore, south of Corpus Christi TX.

Day 51. Since Thanksgiving Morn, I’ve walked enough to make it to Jefferson TX . . . the real Jefferson TX up 59 on the road to Texarkana, not the fake one where Apple’s stupid maps app places you down in Beaumont.

Day 52. Today I reached Shreveport LA. And on this day before the Houston Marathon I mark a major milestone: since Thanksgiving Morn 2017 I have now walked the equivalent of 10 marathons!

Day 53. On this year’s trek I’ve now done the equivalent of walking all the way from home to Dallas TX, with enough steps extra to make it to all the main downtown restaurants and museums and other sites.

I’ve built my Sick Day Reserve up to 7 days. And at the average pace I’ve done since Thanksgiving Morn, I would arrive at Columbus Circle NYC on October 8, over 43 days ahead of my target. But the bad week I had during that atrocious winter cold I suffered for the week after Christmas still has me about 8 days behind where I was for this trek three years ago; so I must keep pressing on.

Day 54. I’ve now walked enough on this year’s trek to reach Kerrville TX, home to many of SuziQ’s childhood memories.

Day 55. And now I’ve walked far enough to make it north of Dallas far enough to reach Plano TX.

Day 56. I close out the 8th week in this year’s journey west of Dallas, in Fort Worth TX.


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23 November 2017 at 7:27 am

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  1. I’m going to begin keeping my Fitbit charger in the car. It’s so natural a place to keep it, I don’t know why it never occurred to me before. Like yeah, sure, my Fitbit’s nag feature has this penchant for encouraging me to go for a walk when we’re cruising down the highway at 60mph. But seriously, that’s the best time to be giving its battery a boost instead.

    If I go enough days without driving or riding, I’ll know where to find it . . . and then will just need to remember to put it back!


    23 November 2017 at 9:10 am


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