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Thanks To Morrow

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Written by macheide

22 November 2017 at 5:17 am

Posted in Adrien, to morrow

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  1. Oh, and yes, it’s unavoidable, and I won’t even complain — Today I will be on call for the Crisis of the Day. To morrow watch for me to still be on duty. You’ll thank me for it someday.


    22 November 2017 at 11:01 am

  2. As is so often the case and ought be more frequent than I tend to reach for, this day’s villanelle effort split into at least two villanelles, plus probably some other things, poems or whatnot.

    This time, blame the fact that even after all these years and all I’ve read and all I have been taught, villanelles still are not as natural to me as they seemed to Nancy and still are for Maggie. So when a long walk had yielded me what I first thought to be a workable couplet for this villanelle I wanted to write, I was headlong into locking in the first stanza and geared up to push through some early drafting before I realized that my main rhyme had a set with barely enough words to force things into in the worst way that makes readers so harshly criticize rhyme. Only two words past my initial two could be used for my intended theme, and the meager remaining candidates could not possibly be taken seriously, so I thought. With depressed regret over having to dispose of that first draft of my opening stanza, I chose a re-phrasing that might be more hospitable to the villanelle’s strict rhyme quota.

    I grumbled that I might keep that initial version of those three lines first drafted and aim for a triolet. OK, call that a spinoff exercise, and Nancy’s father would rap me on the knuckles if I didn’t come through with it, I guess. But triolets were never my thing — so far, I’ve only written the one that Hollis would have had me attempt, not worth preserving, not worth remembering.

    Or maybe extend to a sonnet, just shrug off the repetition I was aiming to reflect. Eh, call that another spin-off I might never get to.

    But then somewhere in thinking of those variations, I swear I heard Nancy’s voice chilling me with its ghostly challenge: go with my initial major rhyme set, but simply change my theme. And almost like the flash of a vision, I could see the entire layout of a villanelle that played with all of that meager set’s words with equal strength and validity. And then could hear Nancy’s laughter in my head. Screw up one task to get another done well, that is my talent, and something she would appreciate, even as practiced as she was at getting it right on the first draft.

    So I have at least two villanelles: one on my initial theme, but with a revised rhyme set; and then a second one on a new theme, with my original rhyme choices.


    23 November 2017 at 2:07 pm


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