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Decluttering aftermath

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Like mold and grime left too long in our gutters, every now and then aftermath needs a thorough pressure washing. Yet like how some are always quick to criticize anything that isn’t perfect in their opinion, I’m sure to deserve some new insult over still caring about aftermath as much as I do. But as for me, like when I go about washing up around our Carriage House or the Lake View Lodge, I don’t brush up aftermath for applause or recognition; I do it for me, because it’s my home and I prefer it be clean.

So yet again, I have much to clean up around here. And like with it is keeping my nightstand free of unnecessary clutter, I probably should make blog tidying pretty much a continuous activity, since I do seriously want to have this journal work well for me.

bumper sticker [] - aftermath

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Written by macheide

20 November 2017 at 4:17 pm

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  1. That sidebar needs a complete replacement as badly as our Lake View Lodge. But let’s go through it piece by piece —

    · Header Image – Keyboard — used to link to something on my OneDrive, can’t figure out what, maybe a doorway to the Main Hall of the Labyrinth. I’ll aim toward making it that when I pass back through. For now, we’ll simply remove the link entirely, much as I hate having any image go unlinked to anything.

    · Snapshots — removed the deadwood rss link for photobucket, which I’ve not found good cause to remain with.


    20 November 2017 at 5:43 pm


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