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Bucket List

For a retirement party held at my community, I requested that each guest bring no gift except one: an idea to add to my bucket list. Anticipating that many might want PotCPMCA on my bucket list, I gently suggested visions beyond our neighborhood. Some added that anyway. Other dreams they gave me —

  • Exercise Each & Every Day — I promise anew each and every day that I will!
  • Play Golf — In high school I could regularly play a par-3 course under par; but that was several lifetimes ago. I want to get back to swinging a club, but that might have to wait until my second retirement.
  • Travel to Israel — After I’d helped out in Albania, the World Bank wanted me to work on the difficult issues relating to social security benefits for the fledgling Palestinian state; but that invitation was the closest I’ve been to the Middle East. I’ll keep this near the top of the bucket.
  • Go to Alaska! — With SuziQ, yes I will. When we’re free enough to give in to that urge to never return to the heat of Houston.
  • 2-3 Cruise Trips to relax — Although our VP and his wife are often off on a cruise, I highly doubt SuziQ and I will find that kind of open time for at least the next two years. After that, I’ll’ve have forgotten this was on the list. Maybe I can do a virtual cruise.

Come & play tennis. —
Climb the Sunny Harbour Bridge (Sydney, Australia) —
Ride the ferry over to Manly (Sydney, Australia) —
Go fishing at the Gap (Sydney, Australia) —
Visit Sydney! (Australia) —
Motorcycles!! x2! —
Fly fishing for salmon in Scotland —
Go to Barcelona —
Write a book about the one that got away! —
Powered parachutes* —
Hang gliding* —
Soaring* —
Sky diving —
Hot air ballooning —
Back seat military aircraft —
Go on a European river cruise. —
Keep a list of projects to do – add to it occasionally. —
Go to Big Bend State Park. —
Hot air balloon ride! (My preference would be in Napa, for obvious reasons!) but anywhere is good. —
TRAVEL! cause u only go around once! —
Learn to cook – give S.Q. a break! —
Get Line Dance down pat! —
Enjoy life xxx️️️ —
Ohio River Cruise – St. Louis to Pittsburgh – maybe work as deck hand —
Go to Golf School – Learn to caddy at Greenbrier —
Get a real job picking up trash —
Save money – pay no taxes —
Take one day at a time.
Keep singing.
Whatever you like. —
Andorra (between Spain & France) —
Hunting with a camera —
Sky diving with a camera —
Please read Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Nance – a memoir of a family in crisis! —
Take Susan to Paris & French Riviera! —
Sky diving —
Parasailing —
Zip lining —
Go over Niagara Falls in a barrel —
Whatever you want —
Take yourself & your wife to someplace very romantic! —
Run a marathon. —
Visit Yellowstone —
Take 2-3 off for a get-a-way with friends. I suggest San Marcos, Fredericksburg & San Antonio’s River Walk. —
Let’s go to Niagara Falls. —
Sky dive. —
Zip line. —
Tour USA! —
Go to Banff Canada. —
Taj Mahal. —
Bali Beach —
Climb the Acropolis Hill (Athens, Greece). —
Climb Mt Everest —
Learn to crochet (it’s very relaxing) —
Write a book! —
Learn to say no! —
Always say yes to the waitress at Hooters! —
Learn to whistle —
Terra-Cotta Army Museum, Xi’an, China —
Family – Always. —
Whatever you have not done before! —

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8 July 2017 at 4:03 am

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