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No Blessing from Lie

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823hoaxI remember being first introduced to hoax chain letter early in my elementary school days. Far from being restricted to childhood play, the ancient concept of pass-it-on-or-else continues to fool adults in hoaxes ranging from dangerous life-ruining pyramid schemes to silly internet memes such as this one that crossed my laptop today. All have in common a threatened curse (or at least grave opportunity loss) if ignored and a promised blessing if accepted.

Some like to pretend that absolutes do not exist. That truth is relative. That each person gets to make up their own truth. Reality is not nearly so casual.

This Internet meme is absolutely false. More to the point: it is a lie. Not a mistake. It is a lie.

Equally absolute: no blessing comes from any lie. Blessing comes only through truth. If anyone who knowingly relies on a lie avoids dire consequences, they do so only by accident or by the grace of God. Anyone who relies on a lie without knowing it to be a lie takes a risk, especially when it is so easy to determine the truth.

And there is no such thing as a harmless lie. Perhaps the malicious harm hidden behind lies such as those in pyramid schemes is more immediate and potentially lethal, but no lie is without consequences.

So obvious a lie . . .

Written by macheide

2 August 2015 at 5:46 pm

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