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that familiar tunnel

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i went from room to room of th house
looking for a chair where i could sit and think in peace,
but every room was busy

finally when i reached th back room, an enclosed patio, i found it empty.
i took a seat in th shadows in th far back corner and took up my dark thoughts

but th room opened up to show itself as a walled back yard.
people came outside from th house and began setting up for a party
and guests began arriving from outside th wall.
i remained in th deep shadows hoping i would not be noticed

and as if i were indeed invisible,
one person setting up th party pointed to th chair beneath me,
observing that th piping opening beneath it was where they had flushed
th remains of one of th most famous ruthless criminals,
a man as vicious as th one depicted in silence of th lambs

someone else responded yes,
but that he had come out th other end of that piping as pure and innocent
as any perfect creature, good and whole

“flushed?” i wondered?
i knew th chair i sat on was no toilet.
but looking down, i realized that indeed there was piping that opened up beneath th seat,
but i was right — it was no toilet,
rather i was on th platform to a tubed water slide

partly because i do like water slides
and maybe partly to check out th story about th effect on that famous criminal
but mainly just to escape th party and seek out solitude again,
i slid down into th tube, where water gushed down at a very fast pace

at first th tube was very tight around me
and i felt almost claustrophobic,
and i was a bit apprehensive about where th tube might lead

but as th water carried me down and my ride became smoother and faster,
i could feel all my fears slipping away.
then it was my concerns and worries slipping away.
then my pains
all began getting as smooth as th watery sides of th tunnel
and as th tunnel’s sides became so slippery that they felt like they melted away,
so also everything that was at all bad slipped off into th distance

Inside my dream, I suddenly recognized exactly where I was: in that last tunnel I’d come back through so painfully that very last time of the shenanigans, except this time going the opposite direction. And I knew that I would never turn around to return if I made it to the end going in the direction I was now going, even though I was only dreaming. So recognizing I was in a dream, I forced myself to wake. Then spent the next four hours over and over and over again falling back to sleep finding myself reaching again for that familiar tunnel, only to force myself to wake again each time.


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Written by macheide

1 June 2015 at 5:58 am

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