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Secondary Duties

As pointed out in the lead page of this post, my primary duty as Special Projects Coordinator will be to lead the weekly meeting of the Special Projects Group (SPG).

Secondary duties include —

  • Liaison (ongoing) — I will provide the central contact with our Director of Operations, our Director of Golf Operations, other board members, and the leaders of other groups with which SPG coordinates.
  • Project Macromanagement (ongoing) — I will oversee the status, performance and mangagement of individual projects. Status reports will be updated at each weekly meeting. Completed or abandoned projects will be closed out; new projects will be added.
  • Newsletter Article (monthly) — I will write the SPG article to be submitted to our community’s monthly newsletter.
  • Donuts (weekly/monthly) — Each week I will purchase the donuts to be shared at each SPG meeting. Receipts will be submitted for reimbursement at the end of each month.
  • Group E-Mail (ad hoc) — As needed, group e-mail messages will be sent to SPG volunteers.
  • Website Bulletin Board — Photographs and descriptions of SPG activities will be posted on the community website’s bulletin board.


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