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Naa Naa Nano

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Naa naa Nano, Naa naa Nano, Hey hey hey, Hello . . .

Just 44 months ago, the day before my shenanigans, when I wasn’t in much a position to object, I was given an iPod for my birthday. Every 11th month on average since then, I’ve added a new iGadget, not counting the several times I’ve upgraded my iPhone along the way.

Latest addition to the iPham: an iPod nano. That first iPod 44 months ago was commissioned to take the place of my Zen mp3 player, which had died without coming back. Quickly that device’s wireless functionality took its responsibilities way beyond mere service an mp3 player. With this nano, I return to my original sin, Apple-wise.

Already I’ve loaded the nano up with over 1,300 music tracks. Together with podcasts and its FM radio, that should keep my walking well in tune with something, hopefully not too far off from the destination I have in mind.

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Written by macheide

20 May 2015 at 8:46 pm

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  1. And now, at 1,850 song tracks, 286 photographs and a scattering of podcasts, I have reached a limit where my iPod nano can hold no more.

    Which now sends me into a never-ending selective mode, in which songs and photographs and podcasts that I wish to have on my nano will go to a waiting list. The items already present on the nano hold their place only as long as I consider them to be at least as wanted as the least of the items on that waiting list. From time to time I will then shift items off the nano into a trunk area, then take waiting list items up to the nano.

    My waiting list begins with leftover items from Willie Nelson’s Natural Legends, since only part of that CD managed to find room on the nano this morning. [Edit—Turns out that all of Natural Legends did make it on the nano already. So I start the waiting list with a worship CD. Meanwhile, I’ve opened the nano trunk and started it out with a duplicate I had of Cat Steven’s version of Wild World. Which raises the issue that as long as I’m building these lists for the nano, let’s add another: Nano Wish List.]

    Give me long enough at my selective mode, and the nano will represent my top favorites.


    24 May 2015 at 8:42 am


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