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2015-05-16 12.05.34Excusing my colors, since our classwork is working with whatever we mixed up in advance, here’s my best sweetpea from class #2. Maybe I should have guessed we would be learning to make more flowers, so ought to have mixed up some pink for petals and green for stems and leaves. Then again, if and when I decorate an entire cake for real, what’s to stop me from a surreal color scheme now and then? Besides, last week our teacher said she liked my color. (And I take it, she maybe liked the color of my icing too!)

Maybe she thought I might need an extra word of encouragement, since something about this class is too reminiscent of the month I wasted locked up in a clinic trying to find my appetite. Well, but like raising children, why should women get to have all the fun?

bumper sticker [] - fun

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Written by macheide

10 May 2015 at 8:02 am

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