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Oh, Geocache

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Today marks the 15th anniversary of Geocaching.

I decided one good way to celebrate would be to finally get around to signing up at Geocaching, easily a good ten years after I first thought of doing so. In fact, since the username I would have wanted is already taken, despite being very highly unlikely a choice for anyone else, it’s entirely possible that I already did sign up a decade ago. If so, that account is lost, since it would have been tied to an e-mail account that Google hijacked.

Intriguing fun! A delightful way to connect satellites and personal technology and the Internet and people and their communities. And reminds me of some stashes I left behind to be found way back decades before the Internet was even a dream.

But as with just about any fun, there’s a good reason for there to be rules that ought be followed. Too many believe speed limits and flashing school bus lights are only for the timid driver to obey, and too many others shrug off a laugh at someone else’s expense, like those rules are made to be broken. Like, who really bothers to read the Geocaching Guidelines, much less follow them?

So it is that I celebrate the 15th anniversary of Geocaching by joining the Geocaching community only to have the “fun” of discovering that the geocache closest to me has been illegally placed on private property in a blatant violation of the Geocache community’s rules, pretty much in the equivalent of having a geocache hidden in my backyard, figuratively maybe even worse than that. And that even when geocachers seeking the cache were warned off the property by security guards, nobody seems to have gotten the point, so geocachers have been around hunting where they don’t belong as recently as the past several months.

There are very sound reasons for trespass laws, and even those who laugh those rules off when it suits their interests to violate someone else’s rights are the first to shoot down anyone who steps across their own thresholds uninvited. The best fun is never stifled by its rules, but “fun” that ignores rules at the expense of others is nothing to be laughed at.

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Written by macheide

3 May 2015 at 12:43 pm

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