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Still Alive

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Without any advance prep other than hearing Mick twist his voice around it, without so much as a time or two doing it along with him, I took on Wild Horses for karaoke earlier this month. Oh well, that’s what karaoke’s good for, right? Besides, it turned out to be the one I was happiest with, even though I did an encore of one of my faves – Sixteen Tons – well enough for one of our people to say I now own that song here. Then since Diane took the night off to watch the NCAA Championship game on karaoke night, I sang one she owns – You’re So Vain – except that I switched the words around to be pointing it at myself, with half our audience not quite sure if I was just having fun or might just actually take myself that seriously. Plus I did harmony to Mike (who was celebrating his 72nd birthday) on Tom Dooley and ran the bass line to Elvira.

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14 April 2015 at 6:18 pm

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Funnest Movable Feast

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When: Two days after the day before yesterday, ad infinitum.

Today, by many informal accounts, is celebrated as Fun Day. Let’s.

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1 April 2015 at 4:04 am

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