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Spring Cleaning 2015

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Driveway & Curbs, Yard & Gardens

Done or to be done —

  • Curbs – Pressure-Wash — After I get my new pressure washer operational, one of the first places I point it will be at our curbs. Technically those may be the responsibility of the city, now that they’ve taken over the streets. But they’d take years to get around to fixing any breaks, so I don’t ever expect to see them coming around to cleaning up the mold. One “problem” I expect: once the curbs in front of our own house are clean, the rest of the street will look somewhat odd. Of course I don’t mind don’t Earl’s and Al’s, and I could probably feel the same about all three houses across the street from ours. Beyond that to either side, same thing . . . but not until after I’ve first come back to power-wash other stuff back at our own home . . . and tended to all the rest of spring cleaning . . . and finished everything else I am working on . . . hmmmmm, maybe next year?
  • Driveway – Pressure-Wash — Still relatively new, so still showing off most of its fresh look. But those trees lining our driveway do drop a lot of foliage that has a nasty habit of leaving stains. So let’s make power-washing the driveway a regular spring cleaning activity, perhaps more frequently as necessary.
  • Flag Setting — Still needs to be found again.


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19 April 2015 at 9:42 pm

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