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The Part Before the Fun Part

2015-04-18 12.01.52Eh, I shouldn’t complain. I can make this part fun too, if I have the right attitude about it. Besides, I’ve put together stuff way more complicated than this pressure washer. And with was less comprehensible instructions. I’m just grouchy because I’d rather be able to plug it in straight out of the box and begin the part I like most: using it to clean things.

But for over a week now, this box has been sitting in the garage where SuziQ strained her back bringing it home. We’ve had too much rain since then to be planning outdoor work, and the weather still won’t cooperate much this weekend. But since it might take me that long to read the manual and get the equipment working, let’s get started.

2015-04-18 12.06.37My first peek at our pressure washer. With the page they laid atop everything. I’m going to read everything I can before I do anything, since these are the steps I know least about. Click on this image and magnify the page to read along with me. Oh, by the way, since their instructions are using so familiar a symbol — did you know that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the placement of the first stop sign?

2015-04-18 13.00.24Next out of the box is the equipment’s Quick Setup Guide [7108063 11/14 Rev 0]   Then piece by piece, out of the box come all of the parts except for the big heavy one. I don’t see a parts list, so I might not be able to follow the instructions on that first “stop” about how to report missing parts until I’ve gone through the whole set-up / operation procedure. When I lay everything out on the table, it does look like everything I would expect to see is here. Including the instruction manuals. We’ll see . . .

2015-04-18 13.02.10

Finally, out comes the main piece: a Honda GVC160 on wheels. Reminding me that SuziQ hurt her back trying to lug this equipment’s box around.

I can find the Honda GVC160’s Owner’s Manual online. I’ll be keeping the hard copy with our other equipment manuals, but I like to have an electronic version at my fingertips. Getting the correct Honda manual necessitates retrieval of my own machine’s serial number, something I should be keeping better track of anyway. Done, passed to my Inventory files. Done, Honda manual downloaded and linked up with my home filing system for quick reference.

An online Instruction Manual for the Simpson pressure washer that uses that Honda turns out to be more elusive. Like that “stop” page that was atop everything in the box, the hard copy of the Instruction Manual indicates it to be “Rev. 0” dated December 2014 — new enough, that perhaps they simply haven’t yet updated their website. The online manual for a comparable Simpson pressure washer appears to have much of the same content, so I’ll keep that in mind if I find I need an electronic version anytime soon. Then eventually will come back around to the Simpson website to see if my machine’s own Instruction Manual ever shows up.

So then, let’s start putting this thing together, starting with Step A of the Quick Setup Guide . . .

2015-04-18 18.22.02Then on to Step B: Add oil (shipped with the equipment). As simple a step as this probably is to most guys, it serves to remind me that after all the pressure washing I’ve been doing for our community using their machine, not once have I thought to check the oil; next time there, I will. And it serves to remind me that I ought to keep a snapshot of this recommended oil in my iPhone’s shopping folder, since I wouldn’t have a clue what to get the next time I need to add more.

At which point I pause, since Quick Setup Step C is to add gasoline. Which I’ve not yet purchased for this new equipment. The pause will present me a good opportunity to have fun reading my machine’s two manuals. With the weather getting severe again, it’ll still be a few days before I have the chance to put this toy to good use anyway.


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