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When: Two days after the day before yesterday, ad infinitum.

Today, by many informal accounts, is celebrated as Fun Day. Let’s.

My calendar has fun every single day. So who’s to interfere or what’s to stop me from having all the more fun celebrating this collective Fun Day?

Yeah, I know. I’ve been ridiculed for finding fun where supposedly it doesn’t belong. Like, in real life, I suppose. Hit me with abusive “man up” or “grow up” insults that try to deny me the very mature, very manly fun I have a god-given right to enjoy, and you only forfeit all touch with the life and love of the very heart of me. Mock me as not seeing clearly when I have fun or as escaping responsibility or as never waking from my dreams, and you only fail to see the perfect 20/20 visions that pure fun creates for me. Judge me for expecting a lifetime of fun and I fly free from the prison you’d sentence me to, for I don’t need anyone’s permission to celebrate Fun Day every day I possibly can.

Even in the middle of my shenanigans, fun was never far off. Hospital reports say the last thing I did before my first death was to respond to a nurse’s expectation of getting me up and moving around the day after surgery by saying cheerfully that I was going nowhere, then mischievously sticking my tongue out . . . almost as if I knew only too well how far I would be going scarcely a minute later. In the middle of that week between deaths, unable to speak due to intubation and in constant pain and urgently wanting to just quit, I still found enough laughter for SuziQ to recognize it was still me, like when I scribbled a note that she needed to have my actuarial colleagues re-calculate the mortality tables for me. Quick on the heels of the most excruciating torture of coming back, I was occupying my hallucinations with pleasurable fantasies of pool parties and road trips. Et cetera et cetera, everything of the most “real” most “adult” most “hardcore” experience tinged with fun, not to escape, but to indulge in the extreme opposite of escape: to enjoy making the moment.

Ditto every other experience I have had, major or minor, work or relaxation, solitary or shared.

Here, another timely example: this month is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Let’s hear someone try to shrug me off as wearing rose-colored glasses on that one, shall we? Don’t get me started. Seriously, there is nothing at all about which to laugh and dance with respect to that millstone. Except this ain’t Child Abuse Month; it’s Child Abuse Prevention Month. For the prevention of child abuse, and for the protection and healing of the victims of child abuse. Everywhere and in every thing in that, children need to know that their world can have fun, does have fun, will be full of the joy of pure fun that is not muddied up with the ill of abuse.

So here’s a bumper sticker I will have fun disregarding on this Fun Day . . . .

bumper sticker [] - fun


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Written by macheide

1 April 2015 at 4:04 am

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