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Macheide’s Aurelian Dream

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The more we know what we know, the more we know we don’t.

Almost a quarter century ago, I wrote an article for an early issue of Contingencies, the #1 magazine for actuaries, entitled “Next Best Thing to an Aurelian Dream“. Now standing at retirement’s shoreline, I am realizing that vision to be as recurring a dream as all those I’ve ever kept dreaming. Maybe if I start now, then a quarter century from now I can look back claiming to have made my dream at least more vivid, if not ever to be real. Or at least to have been content spending an entire lifetime dreaming it . . .

This post might take me that next quarter century to fully compose. So I’ll be paginating it, like I’ve been doing with my pension hobby and my walking. Numbered links at the bottom will navigate to each separate page. And I’ll summarize here —

  1. Macheide’s Aurelian Dream — Preface. “The more we know what we know, the more we know we don’t.” Introductory reference to Contingencies article. Links to each of the pages in this post.
  2. The Contingencies Article – Background. Inspiration for the Contingencies article. Contrast vs an earlier EAR article. Blessed by Contingencies‘ software review consultant.
  3. The Contingencies Article – Some Explanatory Notes. Not what the Contingencies article means, but at least some notes about where some of its images came from.

Oh, and what exactly is Macheide’s Aurelian Dream? A knowledge system?—that’s one tool used in the dream, but only a piece. Artificial intelligence?—again, only one of the processes envisioned (and with rather heavy sauce on the suggestion that anything about this is at all “artificial”). Organic? Yes, and then some. Well, what then? Let’s just say it would be much easier to describe what it is not. And even then, that would make that a scene in the dream.

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