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Be Where the I’ds

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Be Where the Id's

If I knew where to find the hose that was kept out front before we stored it for our winter freezes, I’d be out front pressure washing the handicap parking spaces in anticipation of re-painting.

If I knew where each of the signs that belong to us were posted, I’d be around to wash them all same as I did that one out front.

If I knew where to find a suitable ladder, I’d be in the lodge finally getting those upper windows cleaned before starting round two on the rest.

If I knew where to find the white exterior paint they used last time we fixed the fence, I’d be back on the bridge to paint the spindles they left unpainted when they fixed them. And then maybe take care of the new missing spindle.

If I knew where to obtain the proper materials and tools, I’d be repairing that back door frame before we installed those new steps we’re putting in place.

If I knew where all the time flies on a beautiful spring morning, I’d be done all that and more, then still have plenty of moments left for cleaning and gardening and cooking and everything else waiting for me back home.

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Written by macheide

15 March 2015 at 12:00 pm

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